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'Srujan' is association of past students of Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya of Architecture and College of Architecture. It was inaugurated on 20th June 1998 in a special reunion function that was attended by more than 350 past students of the institution right from 1961 batch till 1998 batch. Since then we all are meeting at least once a year with new ideas and new programmes. Soon we will post for you on this very site a few photographs of the inaugural function as well as subsequent functions held in Pune during last two years. Keep yourself updated with what's happening on this page.


  •  To promote educational spirit and to maintain and support encourage and propagate intellectual qualities amongst professionals.

  •  To act as a bridge between education and profession.

  •  To arrange educational seminars, conferences, refresher courses, get together and allied activities to develop intellectual cult and educational expertise.

  •  To create scholarships, higher educational aids in terms of cash or kind to past and present students of our college.

  •  To propagate a sense of unity amongst professionals by organising professional, recreational and cultural programmes.

  •  To further the cause of architectural education in general and to help our college in every possible way in its upgradation programme.

  •  To act as a forum for debate and discussions regarding various issues related to architectural education, training and profession.

Announcement Scholarships for 2020-21

Manjiri Foundation is a Charitable Trust established by the 1995 Batch of alumni from BKPS College of Architecture, in memory of their beloved classmate Manjiri Joshi who passed away immediately after graduation.

The Foundation, in her memory, offers scholarships every year to students pursuing B.Arch degree at the college.
Details are as follows:

  •  Scholarships awarded to needy and deserving candidates(on merit and financial conditions of applicants)

  •  Scholarship for one student each from 2nd, 3rd & 4th year

  •  Scholarship will partly or fully cover one year tuition fees.

  •  Applications must be made on the form prescribed by the Foundation.

Manjiri Foundation handing over the First scholarship to Deepak Chim for the year 2015-16 at the college

For details contact your Principal / or write to Manjiri Foundation at info.manjirifoundation@gmail.com

Manjiri Foundation
2, Sampada Apartments,
F.P no. 395 & 396,
Opposite Senapati Bapat Road,
Pune 411016


Alumni Award

The award is installed in the memory of Late. Ar. Deepika Bhatia and Late Ar. Abhay Kohli by the batch of 87. The award is to recognise students with an all round personality encompassing academics , Extra curricular activities, leadership qualities and a zest to excel. The award is installed to identify and recognise a Girl and a Boy from the third year for the above qualities with an intention to motivate them for their future endeavours.